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Sword Saga S1-4 Maintenance on Nov. 12th at 23:30 PST

Patch Notes:

  • Made adjustments to riding animation for Flame Carnosaur.
  • Changed Coalition Master Reelection rules: When a Coalition Master is continuously offline for 4 days, other members will receive a message informing them that after 3 more days, they can hold a Coalition Master Reelection.
  • Changed font for loading messages.
  • Fixed the HP bug in Battle Ground.
  • Added new rewards for Astro and VIP players in Hot Events.
  • Fixed the bug in Lost Valley.
  • Added new event Battle Ground to Daily Events.
  • Added new wings to the Shop - Angel Wings, Devil Wings and Purity Wings.
  • Added new item Angel’s Feather.
  • Adjusted the Daily Events schedule to avoid time conflicts with War of Coalition, Group Arena and Battle Ground.