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Sword Saga S1-4 Maintenance 11/20 @ 00:00 PST!

Patch Notes:

  • Corrected language mistakes.
  • Added new function - hide and show icons on the main page.
  • Total EXP received will now be displayed on the dungeon clearance panel.
  • Hot Events icon now shows number of available rewards.
  • Mercenary skill level will be displayed when arranging mercenary skill order.
  • Fixed the fashion item display bug.
  • Corrected wrong Party Dungeon icon.
  • Added new event items and packs.
  • Fixed the bug where the Arena Knights will incorrectly influence player’s HP.
  • Adjusted Gaia's Wrath skill for Arena Mage’s, skill will now damage one row of enemies at most instead of all enemies.
  • Added items for returning players events.
  • Added thanksgiving items.